Very pleased!

By Sean Sullivan on September 28, 2017

Verified Purchase

” I’ve been taking this fo about a week now, and very pleased that it works great once it builds up in your system. I have noticed an increase in volume, but I also have noticed harder erections and it seems to help in delaying ejaculation. Works BETTER than advertised. “

Good stuff!

By Matt N on August 21, 2018

Verified Purchase

” So several years back when I was in my 30’s I had heard about “the ropes” and a Swedish pill that increases them. I tried the pill version and used for quite some time with good results.
Fast forward till now and I’m 43 and I was looking to pick up a bottle of those same pills and came across Volutrex and the liquid formula piqued my interest as liquid is absorbed into the body’s system much faster. And it claimed not only this but that it was several times stronger. I usually do my research before making a purchase and this product not only had the most reviews but the most positive reviews. The price was essentially in line with other similar products and pills but given the high rating and liquid formula I made the decision to give Volutex a try.

Shipping was fast and came in earlier than expected. Which is good because with this type product there is a LOAD UP time. MEAING YOU HAVE TO BE TAKING IT AS DIRECTED FOR SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE SEEING RESULTS. The dosage requires essentially to squeeze the dropper in the bottle once and deposit the liquid on your tongue and then repeat again. This is done in the AM and then in the PM, so essentially 4x daily. The all natural liquid itself has a dark green/brown coloring to it and you can see some of the herbs in it as well. It has a sweet after taste with nothing lingering. I usually follow it with a swish of water. During the time that I have been taking it I felt and observed NO adverse side effects.

My own personal review on it’s effectiveness and how it affected me is this – while I was not shooting loads like a porn star, I did notice that there was a difference in overall semen volume compared to NOT taking the product. I also noticed that I did have more orgasmic contractions which equate to a more prolonged state of pleasure!

Do I think Volutrex works? YES
Will I use Volutrex again? YES – in fact I just ordered my 2nd bottle as I’m almost out

I’m sure results will vary from person to person – but what I can say honestly is that it did work for me and for the price, it’s nice to have when one is looking for greater sexual and orgasmic stimulation! “

Does the job!

By Joseph on December 20, 2017

Verified Purchase

” I have to say that the product arrived a few days earlier than promised and the product did the job. As a man in his 60’s I wasn’t having orgasms as often as before and they weren’t as powerful but after a few days I saw improvement!. “

but I’m not the best of eaters

By Steve on July 30, 2018

Verified Purchase

” I’m on my second bottle. This product is very potent. Just prior to action time, I can take 3-6 drops and my soldier stands at attention with minimal effort. I’m not so sure of aphrodisiac qualities on my mind in a static state, but once physical or visual stimulation occurs, even in the slightest, blood flows to the region and he becomes Mr Stiffy. Granted, I’ve got zero ED issues. I exercise more than average, but I’m not the best of eaters. Just average, I suppose, in eating habits. Need to drink more water. But I have no doubt of the ability of this product to harden your member. Volume wise, I have to say I’m not sure. Likely. Or probable is more accurate. It probably increases ejaculate. If I took the recommended dose (2 droppers a day), I may walk around with a hard-on and start leaking precum. I don’t want that. I do believe the actual explosion is more forceful and thus more pleasurable. “

Does make more semen if you give it a little time to work.

By Jason Phelps on June 7, 2018

Verified Purchase

” Great stuff. I had tried using the pill version but did not seem to notice any difference. So I tried this liquid version. At first I still did not see any difference but, eventually, I started to notice that I was producing more semen, and even had better expulsion. I am on my third or fourth bottle and plan on ordering again and again. “

Changes in 2 weeks.

By Amazon Customer on October 5, 2017

Verified Purchase

” I received my first bottle 2 weeks ago. I did notice some changes during sex. My orgasms felt more intense. The amount was a huge difference than the normal. It felt even more pleasurable. I recommend this product. Give it a try. “

This product really does work.

By PhileauxBeddeaux on April 27, 2018

Verified Purchase

” I gave this product two weeks before I committed to writing this review, but, I’ll give you my honest opinion – I’m 43, active, healthy and like all men I want to have “more.” Call it that alpha male spirit but most men want to be at their sexual best at all times. To get right down to it, I’m sexually active on a regular basis and this product does work, as advertised. There is a visible increase in volume and ejaculate quality. If you want your body to perform at its sexual best, this will help do just that. “

Good stuff!

October 12, 2017

Verified Purchase

” I was using this product religiously with great results. I then tried a similar product, that did not work. So now I’m back to Volutrex and will use from now on. It is well worth the money. Great results. No need for details. It started working as advertised within a week “